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Shady haze window tinting is your choice for all types of glass tinting throughout the Coffs Harbour district. Jason, the owner and operator of Shady Haze has over 20 years of glass tinting experience, he is regarded within the glass tinting industry as one of the best professional automotive window film installers in Australia.

Now offering a mobile service for car dealerships, he also offers a mobile retail service.

Shady Haze window tinting truly is the premier tinting service in Coffs Harbour. A one on one service that will have you coming back again and again.
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Q: How dark am I allowed to tint my car windows?
There are laws in place limiting the darkness or VLT (Visual light transmision) of the film that you can place on your car, there is currently a push within the tinting industry to create 1 limit that will apply to all states across Australia. There are many issue that can arrise from installing a film that doesn't meet the limits of your state. The current limit for a passneger vehicle is 35% VLT. You can view the films here on our Tint Simulator
Q: Hey there, do you guys offer a mobile service for tinting my car?
Yes, we can bring our vehicle to you home or work place, however, we would need a clean and enclosed area to work in. This is to minimize any chance of getting small dust spots between the film and the glass. If we have the right conditions then we can get excellent results with our mobile service.
Q: What is the warranty your business offers with your window films?
We proudly offer a Nation wide lifetime of the vehicle warranty on all of our Automtive films, and a lifetime warranty on our residential films.
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